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LogicKeyboard Avid Media Composer ALBA (Mac) Deutsch

Logickeyboard ALBA
Built with Pride and Expertise

The newest member of our family: The ALBA shortcut keyboard for Mac®.

• Scissor-Switch Keys – ALBA is specially manufactured for 10,000,000 keystrokes per key.
• Extraordinary feel – The scissor-Switch mechanism gives each key increased stability during typing.
• Two USB 2.0 Ports – We love convenience! That’s why the wired ALBA keyboard has two built-in USB 2.0 ports.

Dedicated Apple® keyboard
With a built-in chip made specifically for macOS®, the new ALBA shortcut keyboard is pure plug & play. No need for drivers and tedious setup.

• Built-in macOS® chip – ALBA’s special chip makes it fully compatible with macOS.
• Easy to set up – We’re big believers in plug & play, which is why we went to great lengths to build a chip that ensures easy keyboard setup.

All you could want from a shortcut keyboard
What makes the perfect shortcut keyboard? A wired shortcut keyboard and two USB 2.0 ports, that’s what.

• Wired keyboard – No editor wants to rely on a battery-powered keyboard. So our ALBA shortcut keyboard is wired, of course!
• Two built-in USB ports – One USB on each side of the keyboard = convenient for connecting your external hard drives or wired mouse.

A Mac® shortcut keyboard that’s simply awesome
Our new shortcut keyboard for mac isn’t just beautiful – it’s also extremely durable, and therefore ideal for endless hours of editing.

• On-point ergonomics – We partnered with an ergonomic therapist to determine ALBA’s optimum angle. The solution: a typing angle of 8.5 degrees with leg lift, and 4.5 degrees without leg lift.
• Plug & play – Installing drivers and wasting time on keyboard setup? That’s so 90’s. Our ALBA shortcut keyboard is plug & play. Pure 21st-century.
• Three LED indicators – caps lock, FN lock, and power.
• Key travel – Key travel can’t be too big or too small, so our new ALBA keyboard has what we believe is the perfect key travel: 4mm.

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