DataVideo CG-250 Character Generator


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DataVideo CG-250

Notebook Character Generator
• Supports HD/SD resolutions
• Intuitive interface: easy to use
• Support for various file formats such as JPG, TAG, GIF, PCX, BMP, TIF etc.
• Rich effects, various file format sizes, degrees of transparency and lighting effects
• Transition effects include: WIPE, PUSH, Stretch, Random, Fade IN/OUT, Explosion, Flashing light, Scrolling, Blur Out, Input Pen etc.
• Equipped with news ticketing, scroll, subtitle etc.
• Best anti-aliasing algorithm in texture mapping
• Unlimited sub-title layers
• Ideal for use with TC-200

System Requirement
1.) Windows XP or above
2.) Intel Core i5 or higher
3.) 2GB RAM or higher
4.) Screen resolution set to 1024×768 or above (HD editing modes are 1280×1024, 1600×1200 etc); 32 bit colours; system font set to small; style is Windows Classic.
5.) Hard disk space must be 1GB at the minimum

Die Ware ist
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Mehrwertsteuer versendet.

Diese Hardware ist Umtausch- und
Rückgaberecht ausgeschlossen. 
Dieses Angebot richtet sich ausschließlich an gewerbliche Käufer. 

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