Rayzr 7 200 Daylight 7" LED Fresnel light (Premium)


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Premium Pack : Rayzr 7 LED Fresnel/Stand Mount + Power Cable/ 4-leaf Barndoor/ Carrying Case

• Daylight 5,600 K
• LED power 200 W
• Beam angle 18° – 50°
• Battery 24 – 36V DC
• Advanced vapor cooling system
• 100% brighter than Rayzr 7 – 200B

The new Rayzr 7 200 Daylight really makes professional quality LED lighting accessible. Loaded with features this light is a true alternative for traditional tungsten lights, outperforming them in brightness and power consumption and equaling them in light quality and control at a price that can’t be beaten.


We packed 300 Watt of high powered quality (TLCI up to 98) LED’s into a compact and lightweight 7” fresnel to give you one of the brightest, and yet one of the most mobile LED fresnels on the market. The all new Rayzr 7.



Introducing Rayzr 7, a new series of 7” LED fresnel lights that finally make professional quality lighting accessible. The Rayzr 7 series consists of 4 different models, varying in light output and color. All are designed as a true alternative for traditional tungsten lights, outperforming them in brightness and power consumption and equalling them in light quality and control.

​For the development we focused on four core concepts:

Light Quality, Lighting Control, Brightness and Mobility
as these were the main points that our research among filmmakers showed are most important. Now after two years of development we are proud to present a durable, light weight and compact 7” fresnel with more than excellent light quality, industry standard lighting control options and best in class light output.



> 300 Watt and 200 Watt options 
> 1.5 times brighter than 1K (1000W) tungsten fresnel 
> 10“ LED fresnel performance in 7“ size 
> Flicker free up to 15000 fps 
> Suited for even the most light hungry application 

Color & Control
> TLCI up to 98 
> Pure white light with truthful color rendition 
> Daylight and Bi-color models available 
> Even and uniform light beam 
> Full control over light beam shaping 
> DMX built-in and Wi-fi as an option 

Compact & Lightweight
> Power efficient LED lights 
> Powered from batteries without any reduction in brightness 
> Smaller and lighter than other 7“ fresnels 
> Weight of only 6.4 KG (14.1 lbs.) 
> Rugged and durable housing

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