Matrox VS4 Pro – Quad HD Capture Card


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Matrox VS4 Pro – Quad HD Capture Card

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Jedes auf VS4 basierende Aufzeichnungssystem erfasst bis zu vier Video- und Audio-Eingänge und erstellt damit Dateien, die mit verbreiteten Bearbeitungs-Apps von Adobe, Apple und Avid sowie für die Archivierung verwendet werden können. H.264 wird in MOV- oder MP4-Containern bereitgestellt. AVI-Dateien können mit dem hochwertigen Matrox-MPEG-2-I-Frame-Codec erstellt werden. QuickTime-Dateien (MOV) können mit DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50 und DVCPRO HD erstellt werden. Der VS4Recoder hat auch die Funktion eines Multiviewers und bietet makellose Videoqualität selbst beim Überwachen von Quellen mit Interlacing auf progressiven Computermonitoren.

„Synchronisierte, Frame-genaue Multi-Kanal-HD-Aufzeichnung ist heute kostengünstiger denn je“, so Wayne Andrews, Product Manager bei Matrox Video. „Mit VS4Recorder Pro erhalten Produzenten von Live-Veranstaltungen und Video-Cutter die gewünschte Qualität, Vielseitigkeit und intuitive Steuerung zu einem Bruchteil der normalen Kosten. Komplette Systeme können schon für etwa 3.500 $ zusammengestellt werden, und bei Bedarf kann weiterer Speicher einfach hinzugefügt werden.“

Weitere Merkmale von VS4Recorder Pro umfassen automatische Eingangserkennung für die schnelle Einrichtung vor Ort; Marken für Adobe Premiere CC, sodass Benutzer interessante Momente für die Nachbearbeitung hervorheben können; Einstellungen für Aufzeichnungsdauer und Dateiwechsel ohne Frame-Verluste; VS4Control für die Massenaufzeichnung einer unbegrenzten Anzahl von Videoquellen durch einfaches Vernetzen mehrerer VS4-kompatiblen Computer in einer Master-Slave-Konfiguration sowie DirectShow-Filter für Entwickler zum Einbinden von VS4-Funktionen in eigene Anwendungen. VS4-Systeme sind auch ideal für Live-Produktions-Streaming mit mehreren Kameras in Verbindung mit der Software Telestream® Wirecast® für Windows® oder StudioCoast vMix geeignet.

VS4 Pro
Quad HD Capture Card

Matrox VS4’s powerful recording capabilities let you record up to four channels simultaneously using the VS4Recorder stand-alone recording application. Matrox VS4 can also be used to create video streaming productions with Telestream Wirecast and StudioCoast vMix.

Capture up to four HD video streams
Matrox VS4 lets you take advantage of professional broadcast video and audio sources for the utmost quality in your internet productions.

Using a single PCIe slot, Matrox VS4 provides up to four independent HD inputs with up to eight embedded audio channels per source, taking up an absolute minimum of real estate in your PC.

VS4Recorder Pro
A trial version of the VS4Recorder Pro software is included with the Matrox VS4 which records up to four live video feeds. It is the ideal solution for recording live multi-camera productions such as concerts and sporting events, and repurposing and archiving video assets. A full version of VS4Recorder Pro can be purchased at any time. Read more

Effortless on-site set-up
Just hook up your cameras and Matrox VS4 automatically detects the presence, resolution and frame rate of all inputs so you don’t have to manually set up each source.

Because all inputs on Matrox VS4 are independent, you can use HD and SD cameras in the same production.

Extensive audio support
Matrox VS4 captures up to eight channels of embedded audio on each input. You have the flexibility to go from a simple stereo mix to surround sound for your post-event editing needs.

Expect excellence
Award-winning Matrox Video technology powers a full range of content creation and delivery platforms used by broadcasters, post-production facilities, project studios, corporate communicators and videographers worldwide.

Telestream Wirecast
Quad HD capture and ISO recording card for leading streaming production software

Create video streaming productions that are visually striking and grab your audience’s attention. The combination of Matrox VS4 and Telestream Wirecast or StudioCoast vMix for Windows lets you switch or mix multiple live video feeds and pre-recorded clips while adding graphics and effects. This solution is ideal for internet broadcasts of sports, religious services, corporate meetings and other live events. Matrox provides ISO recording for Telestream Wirecast through a Matrox plug-in and also offers Matrox VFW codecs in vMix MultiCoder ISO recording.

VS4 Recorder Pro

Arrive. Connect. Record.
Multi-camera event recording is easier than ever

The Matrox VS4Recorder Pro software lets you frame accurately record four live audio/video feeds using a Matrox VS4 quad HD-SDI capture card. It’s ideal for recording live multi-camera productions like concerts and sporting events to create video assets that can be easily repurposed and archived. The VS4Recorder Pro gives you two different recording modes: “multicam”, which provides synchronized frame accurate captures and “independent”, which offers a wide range of video and audio codecs to choose from. And what’s more, VS4Recorder Pro simultaneously provides a complete multiviewer experience.

Capture NLE-friendly files
Capture to industry-recognized codecs for use with your NLE of choice without transcoding. The efficient, high-quality Matrox MPEG-2 I-frame codec at up to 300Mb/s is provided in an AVI wrapper. H.264 is provided in either MOV or MP4 wrappers. And DV/DVCAM, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50 and DVCPRO HD QuickTime files are provided in MOV wrappers. Global audio settings include audio codecs for .wav and .aac files with bit rate, bit depth and stereo/mono options.

Automatic input detection
Connect your video sources, start VS4Recorder Pro and begin recording. VS4Recorder Pro automatically detects your video format. Each input is independent so you can capture HD and SD in the same recording session.

Frame accurate recording
Easily record multiple angles of a single event with 100% frame accuracy with VS4Recorder Pro’s multicam mode. With a single click, all inputs begin recording in sync. Once a session is underway, you can stop any input without interrupting the other inputs. When finished, import the files into an NLE. All files will be perfectly in sync on the timeline.

Independent recording
Quickly and easily capture content for archiving or repurposing by recording any input independently. Monitor multiple video signals to acquire a video asset at the push of a button.

High-quality multi-viewer
VS4Recorder Pro offers high-quality video monitoring of all inputs. Thanks to patent-pending Matrox technology, video quality is pristine even when viewing interlaced sources on progressive computer monitors. VS4Recorder Pro accurately represents your incoming video signals at any video window size and offers single- and quad-view modes for a customizable multi-viewing experience. Use quad-view mode to preview all four inputs simultaneously or switch to single-view mode and cycle through your inputs.

Split-up the recording
Automatically split your recording into separate files. VS4Recorder Pro will automatically split your recording into separate files, switching to a new file without losing a single frame. You can begin editing the split files as soon as each one is created.

Unattended recording
Set a capture duration. VS4Recorder Pro will stop recording automatically at the end of the time specified.

Informative on-screen display
Configure your VS4Recorder Pro interface just the way you like it. Label and file name overlays in each quadrant can be set to remain on screen or auto-hide after a period of mouse inactivity. Each quadrant also provides controls for source recording, audio monitoring, view mode, elapsed recording time and hard drive status in a popover area that appears/disappears on mouse activity/inactivity. VS4Recorder Pro also provides visual cues showing the amount of storage and the length of record time remaining on your target hard drive so you don’t miss important content.

Beyond four channel recording
Use the VS4Control feature for synchronized, frame-accurate recording of an unlimited number of video sources. Simply by networking multiple VS4 machines together in a master-slave configuration, you can capture as many channels as you want. On a single network you can have as many VS4 units as needed and group them into any number of master/slave configurations. The master/slave groupings can be easily re-assigned in any way at any time.

Timecode and metadata support
Stop looking for visual or audio cues to sync your clips. VS4Recorder Pro frame accurately captures your video sources providing easy clip synchronization for any NLE. Metadata support for Adobe Premiere CC/CS6 includes original SDI timecode, the session’s timecode or the system time timecode. Additional metadata support provided by VS4Recorder Pro includes label, file names, session name, machine name, event markers and more.

Event markers
Store event markers while recording for use with Adobe Premiere simply by hitting the “star” key. It’s easy to quickly visualize highlight moments.

Audio monitoring
Navigate to any quadrant and click the speaker icon to monitor the input’s selected audio pair. VS4Recorder Pro automatically directs the audio source to your computer’s sound card. Mouse over any speaker icon and a channel-selection flyout appears, offering all available channels by audio pair. In addition, VU meters let you visually monitor up to eight channels of embedded audio per video input.

Shortcut keys
Use your mouse or the predefined shortcut keys to control VS4Recorder Pro. Switch between quad-view, single-view and full-screen modes; cycle through your inputs; or start/stop recording an input or a multi-cam session.

Integrate Matrox VS4Recorder Pro into your own application
For remote control of VS4Recoder Pro, Matrox offers the VS4Recorder Pro API that lets you easily create control software to start, stop and get status information. The API can also be used by automation system programmers to integrate control of VS4Recoder Pro within automation systems such as those from Crestron.

Technical Specifications

Supported video formats
  • 720P 50/59.94
  • 1080I 50/59.94
  • 1080P 23.98/24/25/29.97/30
  • 1080PsF 23.98/24/25/29.97/30
SDI input
  • 4 SD or HD input
  • 8 channels of embedded audio
  • Compliant with SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 272M,SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 299M
  • BNC connector (75 Ω), terminated
  • Equalized input for maximum cable length support
SDI audio input
  • 8 channels of embedded audio
  • 24-bit, 48 kHz
StreamingTelestream Wirecast Studio, Wirecast Pro and StudioCoast vMix
  • Multi-cam recording with Matrox VS4Recorder application
  • Direct capture integration with Telestream Wirecast software
Multi-cam editingReal time multi-cam editing using Matrox VS4, Mojito 4K, Mojito Max or the MXO2 family of products with Adobe Premiere CC
  • ¾ length PCI Express (x8) card
  • L: 23.2 cm (9.125″) × W: 10.7 cm (4.2″)
  • Overall thickness including components 1.9 cm (0.75″)
Regulatory compliance
  • FCC Class A, CE Mark Class A, ACMA Class A
  • RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC
Limited warranty and service3-year limited warranty with free telephone support
Electrical and Operating Requirements
PowerTotal power consumption: 23.0 watts
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 55º C (32 to 131º F)
  • Storage temperature: -40 to 75º C (-40 to 167º F)
  • Maximum altitude for operation: 3,000 meters
  • Maximum altitude for transport: 12,000 meters
  • Operating humidity: 20 to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
  • Storage humidity: 5 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
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