Contour Shuttle Pro v2 Mac/Win (black)


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Contour Shuttle Pro v2 Mac und PC-Steuerungseinheit mit 15 Tasten für
Video, Audio und Multimedia-Anwendungen wie z.B. Cubase, Adobe Premiere,
After Effects, Avid/Digidesign ProTools, Avid MediaComposer, Macromedia
Flash etc.

They say time flies when you’re having fun. It goes
even faster when you have to waste it by moving your mouse all over the
screen or hunting for the correct keyboard shortcut to enable various
functions. Contour Design knows that when you’re developing a project,
every second of your time is precious so why not streamline your
workflow and eliminate any unnecessary actions? Let Contour lend a hand
with the ShuttlePRO v2, an editing tool that will have you wondering why
you even need a keyboard.

Sleek and low profile, the ShuttlePRO
v2 is designed for the comfort of ergonomic integrity while
simultaneously maximizing productivity. Paired with your computer mouse,
the Shuttle sits comfortably under your opposite hand, its 15
programmable buttons, jog knob, and spring loaded Shuttle wheel awaiting
your every command. And commands will come easy as the Shuttle arrives
pre-configured for many of the industry’s leading audio and video
editing applications. But beyond its factory settings, the Shuttle can
also be programmed with custom settings for any application with
keyboard shortcuts, creating endless possibilities. No longer will you
need to memorize pages of keyboard shortcuts or waste time searching
your screen for the correct button to click. The Contour Design
ShuttlePRO v2 can’t really slow down time, but it will feel like it with
all you accomplish.

Total Control
With 15 buttons, a jog knob, and a spring loaded Shuttle wheel editing will never be the same again.

The Perfect Match
Pair the Shuttle in one hand with your mouse in the other and dive fearlessly into the toughest projects.

Slim Profile
The ShuttlePRO lays low and unobtrusive to blend seamlessly with your desktop work flow.

The ShuttlePRO v2 is compatible with Apple computers running OS 8.6 through 10.9,  and PCs running Windows 98 through Windows 8

•Mac OS users should download and install v3 for OS 10.7 and later, and v2.21 for Mac OS 10.6 and earlier.
•Windows users should download and install v2.10 for Windows 7 and Windows 8, and v2.7.8 for Windows XP and earlier.

Available USB Port
10 Mb of free hard disk space

Please note that all Shuttle products are included in our two-year warranty as of January 2015

Ware ist original verpackt und wird mit Rechnung und ausgewiesener
Mehrwertsteuer versendet. Diese Hardware ist vom Umtausch- und
Rückgaberecht ausgeschlossen.

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