Avid NEXIS PRO 40 TB Engine, including free spare disk – save € 1,740


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Avid NEXIS PRO 40 TB Engine, including 1 year standard support +, including free spare disk – save € 1,740

The promotion is limited from July 6th, 2020 to August 7th, 2020. Delivery as long as in storage.1



Avid NEXIS | PRO 40TB Engine inkl. 1Y Support &

4TB HDD (in carrier) for NEXIS | PRO 40TB



Proven collaboration in real time – for everyone
Get the performance and reliability of Avid NEXIS in a more affordable system designed for small video or audio production teams. Avid NEXIS | PRO offers real-time collaboration to accelerate your media workflow. Find and share media quickly. Adjust workspace capacity, performance, and protection as requirements change. And get the same safe and reliable workflows that an industry trusts.
Activate creative collaboration
With the growing demand for more content in shorter periods, Avid NEXIS | With PRO you can connect your team, share media and sequences and work on the same projects in real time. Without fear of accidentally overwriting someone else’s work. You have more time to focus on telling a great story – and less time looking for and transporting media. And bring the “flow” back into your workflow by connecting up to 24 contributors at the same time.
Experience exceptional performance
Production plans are unpredictable. Can a system really change the possibilities of what you can achieve? Absolutely. With its advanced architecture, intelligent file system, high bandwidth and automation functions, Avid NEXIS | PRO offers unmatched media performance at speeds up to 2.4 GB / s. This allows projects to be moved in parallel so that you can run more projects faster. Regardless of which editing and media asset management tools you use.
Get the reliability you need
When your reputation and business are at stake, Avid is NEXIS | PRO protects and protects your media like no other. The system is based on the same technology that thousands of top broadcasters and post-production studios trust. From bulletproof security rights to fail-safe hard drive protection with automatic drive recovery, you can be sure that your content is safe. And should you need it, technical experts are available around the clock.
Media drives 40 TB storage capacity with a single media pack per engine (with a bandwidth of up to 600 MB / s)
Scalability Scalable from 40 to 160 TB by combining one to four Avid NEXIS | PRO engines together (cannot be mixed with Avid NEXIS engines of the E-Class)
Rack-mountable; 2U rack height
Controller Replaceable storage controller, power supply units (2) and fan
SSDs Redundant, hot-swappable SSDs for system configuration and metadata management
Network connection 10GbE network connection. SR (Short Range), LR (Long Range) and Direct Attach copper connection options.
Width width (mounting): 19 inches (483 mm); IEC rack compliant
Height height: 88.9 mm
Depth Depth: 24.8 inches (630 mm)
Weight Maximum weight (shipping): 26 kg with drives
Works with the following switches (not included):
Dell Networking N2024, N3024, S4048-ON
Dell S4810, S4820
Cisco 4948E, 4900M, 4500-X
System Self-balancing, distributed 64-bit file system
Media distribution Intelligent distribution / redistribution of media
Editing and playback Optimized for editing and playing media
Fail-safe protection Protection against two drive failures with media-aware drive recovery. Optional one-drive protection.
Metadata management Internal System Director metadata management
Dynamic setup and monitoring of the work area
FlexDrive dynamically adjusts the memory work areas without interrupting processing
Access control for the user workspace
User management View, create, define work groups and delete and assign passwords
Active Directory Active Directory (LDAP) integration for the synchronization of user accounts with IT systems
Error handling Error warning and information logging
Monitoring Monitor user status, workspace status, comprehensive event log, and read and write bandwidth usage
Remote notification Remote notification of system events
Operating temperature: 5 ° C to 40 ° C (max. 35 ° C over 2,000 m)
Outside temperature: -40 ° C to 60 ° C
Relative humidity Relative humidity (operation): 20% to 80% non-condensing
power consumption
Maximum power consumption: 764W
Average power consumption: 380W
Supported clients Windows 10, 8 and 7 (64-bit); macOS 10.13,
10.12, 10.11 und 10.10 (64-Bit); Red Hat Linux 6.5; CentOS 7.3
Client network connections: 1 Gigabit Ethernet (single or dual), 10 Gigabit Ethernet (single or dual)
Files / folders 3 million


User accounts 5,000
User groups 1,000
Supported Avid products:
Media Composer
Media Composer | Symphony option
Media Composer | NewsCutter option
Professional tools
Supported editing by third parties:
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Apple Final Cut Pro X
Grass Valley EDIUS Pro
Black Magic DaVinci Resolve






The goods are in their original packaging and will be sent with invoice and VAT, this hardware is excluded from exchange and return. This offer is aimed exclusively at commercial buyers. 

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